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from the 1920’s and 1930’s

Rediscoved gems from a bygone era...

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If There Weren't Any Women in the World

Recordings of Irish Traditional Music by Women 1923 - 1942

Twenty-four tracks from 1923 to 1942 and a thirty-six page booklet featuring the pioneering women who recorded traditional Irish music in the Golden Age of 78rpm recordings: Margaret and Mary McNiff-Locke, Sarah Hobbs, Selena O'Neill, Redie Johnston, Nan Fitzpatrick, Edith Cross Moore, Ann McNulty, Stella Seaver, Aggie Whyte and many more...

Sample Tracks

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  1. Mrs. and Miss McNiff-Locke - "The Frost Is All Over" 
  2. The Commerford Trio - "The Sea Captains" 
  3. Mary Ellen Conlon - "Rory O'More"
  4. Lough Gill Quartet - "Lough Gill Favourites" 
  5. Pat Roche's Harp and Shamrock Orchestra - "The Humours Of Bandon"
  6. Ballinakill (Co.Galway) Traditional Band - "Chorus Jig; Queen Of The Rushes" 
  7. Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band - "The Shaskeen; Bonnie Kate; Teetotaller"
  8. Frank Quinn and Nan Fitzpatrick - "My Bonnie Boy In Blue"
  9. The McNulty Family - "Rolling Rocks of Glan; River Meadow Reel"
  10. Leo Molloy's Siamsa Gaedheal Band - "Humours of Cappa; Paddy From Portlaw"
  11. Treasa Ní Ailpin (Of Limerick) - "Mo Buchail Gael-Dubh"
  12. Lough Gill Quartet - "Memories Of Ballymote; The Kiltullagh Jig" 
  13. Mrs. and Miss McNiff-Locke - "Terry's Ramble" 
  14. The Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band - "Old Sets"
  15. Mrs. Redie Johnston - "Scotchman Over The Border; Ward's Jig"
  16. Lough Gill Quartet - "The Hawthorne Bush; Castle Kelly"
  17. Halpin and Stanford - "The Thrush On The Hedge"
  18. Colmcille Ceilidhe Band - "Wellington's Advance; Willy Walsh's"
  19. Katie McLaughlin - "The Five Pound Note Hornpipe"
  20. Selena O'Neill - "Set Dances; Job of Journeywork; The Blackbird"
  21. Stella Seaver - "The Joker; Mooncoin; The Blackbird"
  22. The Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band - "Lady Gordon; Lord Gordon"
  23. The McNulty Family - "Chasing The Chicken; Maid On The Green"
  24. Frank Lee's Tara Ceilidhe Band - "She Lives Beside The Anner"